Welcome to the Let Down in Cardiff website! Thank you for visiting and we hope that you can help us to bring letting agents into line in Wales. We’re inspired by the ‘Let Down in London’ campaign. They’ve been in touch and are fully supportive of our campaign, and we hope to work with them more in future.

Wales and England have  different housing legislation, and it’s only going to get more diverse. We want to make sure that Wales isn’t left behind. England already has a Housing Ombudsman for renters which does an excellent job at advising and stepping in when needs be: http://www.housing-ombudsman.org.uk/

Meanwhile in the Welsh Assembly, they’re just about to start debating the new Housing Bill. We’ll be watching it very closely and will keep you updated.

For now, please sign the petition here! And share it with all your friends and get them to send us letting agent and landlord reviews from their experiences in Cardiff. For more info, see here.