Imperial treat their tenants notoriously badly, and there are people across other review websites advising against using their services. My partner and I rented off them for 10 months – where they repeatedly failed to top up the boiler (heating being included in the rent) and left us freezing for weeks at a time. They didn’t care when we have mice and never responded to our complaints. They advertised the flat as a 6 month contract with electricity included too, but when it came to signing the contract, they decided it should be 12 months without electricity included. My partner negotiated them down to 10 months, but still a lot longer than planned.

Worst of all, when they couldn’t find new tenants to replace us, they gave our flat’s address to other multiple letting agents, who spent months knocking on our door with absolutely no warning at all, with people coming to view the property. Imperial did nothing and we had to give our phone number to half a dozen estate agents, and ask them to contact us before barging into our house. When we finally moved out, they tried to charge us for an imaginary soap dish that we never had, and wouldn’t pay back the deposit for 2 months. We had to threaten various courses of action before they’d give us the full deposit back.

Would never recommend them to anyone. Avoid at all costs. They’re also notorious for changing a medium sized house into tiny bedsit flats. They’re not good places to live.

Rating: 1 star