Absolutely terrible, to be honest. These guys are absolute crooks, and we feel totally let down by their (lack of) service. I am currently renting a 4 bed upstairs flat and we have had endless problems. Our problems began the day we moved in, when we found our flat had not been cleaned at all over he summer – dirty bathroom, dust everywhere, mouldy food in the fridge, and the freezer was so frosted up it was unusable for over a week. Most recently we found a problem with damp and mould in our bathroom, and after ringing them repeatedly to investigate it, they sent 3 guys round who were extremely rude to us, slagged us off and made fun of us while we were still in the flat, and then managed to break our shower and mad to effort to fix it.i would say only go with this company if you want to live in dilapidated housing, have your complaints ignored for weeks at a time and have viewings and “maintenance” barging their way in whenever they like with no warning. 100% learnt our lesson! This company treats students with absolutely no dignity, and we have learnt our lesson never to go with this pigheaded agency ever again.

Rating:  1 star