Thank you all again for following the campaign. The report is finished and being proofed. It’s fairly short at 8 pages and highlights some of the stories that show the problems that tenants frequently come up against. It also suggests some possible solutions that the Welsh Government and National Assembly for Wales could explore.

We wanted to state for the record however, that we do not mind which party take forward any of our proposals. Let Down in Wales is apolitical. We are a cohort of politically informed and determined individuals, but our top priority is to ensure that changes are made to the private rented sector, and that these changes are robust and effective.

If the Welsh Government would take it on themselves, that would ensure we had the best consultation process and best experts to scrutinise the proposals. However, if they are still against the ideas then we would very much appreciate Plaid Cymru, the Welsh Liberal Democrats and the Welsh Conservatives taking a look at our campaign and considering amendments. We’ll happily meet with you to discuss the private rented sector in more detail and can arrange briefings for Plenary debates and Committee sessions.

Any inquiries about the campaign should go to

Equally, if any campaigners or volunteers would like to help give a voice to renters then send us an email too! There are many more things we’d like to achieve if we had more help. We’ve already had meetings with Shelter Cymru, Citizens Cymru and really appreciate the hard work that Movement for Change have already done in trying to ensure there are good landlords with their campaign, ‘Home Sweet Home’ and the Home Sweet Home Charter for landlords in Cardiff. All of these groups are vital to ensure that campaigners come together with a common purpose.

Liz Silversmith – Chair of Let Down in Wales